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Book Reviews
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Normal People
by Sally Rooney

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This novel is set in Ireland. It tells of two young intelligent people growing up in the same town and forming a relationship plagued by each of their insecurities and by their diverse socioeconomic status. The novel follows their college years and their maturation that better helps them understand themselves and their relationships with others.

The Brief And Frightening Reign Of Phil
by George Saunders

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Parody/ political satire dressed in fun and silly sci-fi. A quick and satisfying read by one of americas best short story authors.

Riverdale The Poison Pen
by Craig Roehrig

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Great story line. Good ending.

Olive Again
by Elizabeth Strout

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Olive Again is a sequel to Strout's novel entitled Olive Kitterage. This novel follows Olive as she enters into a second marriage, works on strengthening a relationship with her son Christopher, moves out of her home into a senior living facility, connects with new people, and copes with the problems of aging. Throughout the novel, the stories of other people who live or visit Crosby, Maine are told, as their lives intersect with Olive's. Olive is blunt spoken, honest, amusing, and true to herself.

ABC'S for Boys
by Michael Kracht

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Nicely illustrated.

The Hand that Trembles
by Kjell Eriksson

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The Hand That Trembles takes place in Uppsala Sweden and the adjoining rural seacoast areas. It takes place in the modern era with flashbacks to the time of Fascist governments across Europe. Three separate incidents are the focal point of he story: the unsolved murder of a Fascist politician twelve years earlier, the reappearance if a respected, young, upcoming Swedish commissioner (who disappeared twelve years ago, and the finding if a woman's foot on the Swedish seashore. As the story unravels, we learn the connection between the first two incidents. The third remains independent. The common thread is the police investigator Ann Linden. The story is suspenseful and filled with rich characterizations. It shows how the power of love and fear, loyalty and cruelty, prevent the uncovering of truth.

I Love My Daddy Because
by Laurel porter gaylord

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Things I do with dad

Playtime peekaboo
by Dk Books

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This is a favorite with soft things to feel behind the flaps

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

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Very funny and I had a ton of laughs ??.

American Royals
by Katharine Mcgee

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A wonderful book that explores the world or American Royalty!