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hope and happiness in Bluebell wood
by Ali Mcnamara

This book was an enjoyable summer read, with a fairly predictable love story and moderately good character development.

Cape Light Series By Thomas Kinkade And Katherine Spencer

This is a series I started over 20 years ago! We visited this area since the seventies and it is very true and refreshing to visit through reading and reread again.

The Charlotte Perkins Gilman Reader
by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The book contained short stories and excerpts from novels by Charlotte Gilman. At the turn of the twentieth century, Gilman's writings espoused some very progressive ideas, such as women having careers outside the home, children being raised in community centers, housework being done by those who chose it as a career, and more equality of wages. I only planned on reading the first story, The Yellow Wallpaper, which was my Book Club's selection for the month, but went in to read the entire volume. It was interesting from a historic perspective because to a large extent society has move in some of her proposed directions.

The Last Run
by Todd Lewan

This book started a bit slow but was very fast paced once the weather changed. I was amazed that there were survivors after the men were in the water for that period of time. I am so glad the author decided to write this book, which was a true story and didn't happen that long ago (1998). Highly recommend this book.

WWII Army Nurse June Houghton Sullivan
by Gunilla Caulfield

What an incredible life she has lived. She started with hard times growing up, living through difficult experiences as an Army nurse to raising a family while staying very active up into her 90’s. Just an amazing woman!

She Gets The Girl
by Alyson Derrick

Absolutly loved this book it was so cute and definatly a tear jerker.

Normal People
by Sally Rooney

This novel is set in Ireland. It tells of two young intelligent people growing up in the same town and forming a relationship plagued by each of their insecurities and by their diverse socioeconomic status. The novel follows their college years and their maturation that better helps them understand themselves and their relationships with others.

Sucide notes
by Michael Thomas Ford

Made me literally sob. Also Sadie is a queen ??.

The Virgin Suicides
by Jeffrey Eugenides

Just as good and dreamy and tragic as I remember.

Wings Of Fire The Dangerous Gift
by Tui T Sutherland

I finished it and nearly cried at the end.
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